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Advance Your Career with Contract Work

Posted by: NIC Online Date: April 16, 2021 Category: Blog Employment Job Search
Career with contract work

Many Canadian immigrants and job seekers prefer full-time occupations because of the stability. On the other hand, contract work is often undesirable because of its uncertainty. In reality, contract work is a normal part of the Canadian workforce. A part that can often help advance your career.

Why do companies choose contract positions?

There are many reasons why a company may choose to hire temporary contractors. For example, companies reduce risk, gain flexibility, and cut labour costs. This is why many companies are choosing contractors over permanent employees.

Your contract can be extended.

If you are hired for a contract position, you will know the date the contract ends. Use your time to show your employer that you are a hard worker. Prove that your organization will benefit from keeping you. Contracts can be extended or even changed to a permanent position.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t get extended.

Working hard does not guarantee a contract extension. Some organizations may simply not be able to pay you. If your contract is not extended, take steps to make your next job search easier. Ask your employer if they can act as a reference. Stay connected with co-workers and add them to your LinkedIn network. Update your resume to include the skills and responsibilities of your contract job. This will put you in a better position for your next career step.

Changing jobs is common in Canada.

Working for one company your entire life is no longer common in Canada. Instead, many Canadians are often optimistic about changing jobs. In fact, experts often suggest that most people will change jobs between three to seven times throughout their lives. One study suggests that changing careers can make you happier!

In conclusion, job seekers should not avoid contract work. Consider these jobs as a stepping stone. Gain skills, build your professional network, and move continue advancing your career!

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