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PrepCan Insiders: Sending Thank You Letters

Dear PrepCan: How important is it to send a thank you letter after an interview? -Thankful Job Seeker Dear Thankful Job Seeker: “In an age like ours, which is not given to letter-writing, we forget what an important part it used to play in people’s lives.” – Anatole Broyaird There is hardly anyone out there

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PrepCan Insiders: Survival Job-Is it right for you?

Dear PrepCan: I am finding it hard to make ends meet as a newcomer, and thinking of applying for survival jobs. Will doing a survival job hurt my career in the long run? -Desperate Job Seeker Dear Desperate Job Seeker: A lot of newcomers leave behind illustrious careers and positions in search of a better

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How can I address career gaps on my resume?

Dear PrepCan: I’m moving to Canada soon, and I haven’t yet secured employment there. How can I address potential career gaps on my resume? Sincerely, Gappy Job Seeker Dear Gappy Job Seeker: Career gaps happen for many reasons – starting a family, completing a bridging program, caring for a loved one, and moving to a

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PrepCan Insiders: Why People Ignore Your LinkedIn Invitations

Dear PrepCan: I want to grow my professional network before arriving in Canada. I have sent LinkedIn invitations to hundreds of people in Canada, and I’m not getting any responses.  Please help me understand why people ignore my LinkedIn invitations. -Eager Networker Dear Eager Networker: Congratulations on your initiative to grow a professional network in

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What’s the difference between an elevator pitch and a resume summary?

Dear PrepCan: What’s the difference between an elevator pitch and a resume summary? Sincerely, Confused pre-arrival client Dear Confused Pre-arrival Job Seeker: There are several elements that make up your personal brand. Your elevator speech and resume summary are part of them. Both your elevator pitch and your resume summary are marketing statements, they introduce

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