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4 Newcomer Tips for Becoming Confident in the Canadian Workplace

Posted by: NIC Online Date: August 25, 2022 Category: Blog

Stepping into a new workplace can be stressful for newcomers, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local workplace culture. Don't worry - feeling uncertain as you start working in a new country is natural. Confidence in the workplace will build over time as you continue to get familiar with life in Canada. In the meantime, newcomers can take these steps to help boost their confidence in the workplace.

Continue reading to learn four tips for becoming more confident in the Canadian workplace!

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1. Identify a clear goal 

Working towards a set goal gives you a clear picture of what you wish to accomplish. Think about why you want to be more confident in the Canadian workforce and visualize how increased confidence can help you succeed at work. Furthermore, set goals about your career aspirations and develop a strategy to get to your desired job. Use the SMART goal strategy to help with your plan of action. Lastly, reach out to the counsellors at NIC Online for assistance.

2. Learn about the professional working culture in Canada 

Newcomers that don't understand how Canadians work may be concerned about how to behave in the workplace. Learning about Canadian working culture will allow you to navigate the Canadian workforce confidently. Canadian working culture reflects what Canadians view as important values; following these cultural norms enables newcomers to feel connected with their co-workers. 

Some things to note about Canadian work culture include:

  • Balance time at work with personal time or working within reasonable "business hours" 
  • Dress professionally or appropriately at work
  • Develop soft skills to get along with your co-workers
  • Be punctual and have strong time management skills
  • Understand that everyone is equal in the workplace, without discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, or race. 

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3. Network with others in your field

Network with other professionals in your desired field to learn more about what it takes to succeed. By speaking with others, you will learn more about the Canadian job market and potentially meet others that can refer you to your next job. You may also find a mentor who can help guide you through your career journey as a newcomer in Canada. Networking is not only about connecting with others that can help you. Listen to other people and identify how you can add value to their lives, engage with them on LinkedIn, and get to know them before asking for help. Building a reliable network will boost your confidence as you learn more about working in Canada.

4. Believe in yourself

Gaining confidence doesn't happen overnight, but it's also essential to notice the small changes that are bound to occur over time. Motivate yourself by celebrating all your victories - no matter how small or big. Trust in yourself and believe you can become more confident as you continue working towards your goals in Canada!

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