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Cover Letter: What and How?

Posted by: NIC Online Date: April 7, 2022 Category: Blog
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Preparing a good cover letter will help your job application stand out from the others applying for the same job. While not all job applications require this document, including one could increase your chances of landing an interview. Not sure how to write a cover letter? Continue reading to discover some writing tips!

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document you submit with your resume as a part of your job application. Make a good first impression by submitting this document. Use this document to explain how your skills can benefit the hiring organization. A good cover letter can persuade a hiring manager to read your resume and follow up with an interview. However, a bad cover letter may result in the disqualification of your application.

Tip: Try to write around 250 to 400 words - and no longer than one page!

More Than a Resume

The hiring manager already has your resume, so avoid restating the same content in your cover letter. Instead, write about the skills that will make you successful in this role. Highlight your skills to demonstrate the value you can bring to the organization. If you are considering a career change, highlight relevant and transferrable skills from your previous roles.

Tip: Try to include concrete numbers that show how you have added value in your previous roles.

Customization is Key

There are plenty of templates available online that will help you start writing. However, managers can identify when you are submitting a generic document. Write custom letters for every job application you submit. Explain your interest in the company to add a personalized touch. Examine the job description and determine crucial skills for the role. Provide examples of how you have demonstrated those skills in your cover letter. Furthermore, learn about the company’s values and explain how you fit the picture.

Tip: Try to identify the person looking over job applications. This way, you can address them in your cover letter.


It’s a good idea to include a cover letter when applying for jobs because it adds a personal touch to your job application. Try to answer the following questions when writing:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you applying for this job?
  • What skills can you offer for this job?

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