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About NIC Online

Where can I come and meet you?

NIC Online provides online services, and the meetings are set up using Zoom. Our office is located in Mississauga, but we generally do not meet clients in person. We do

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How long can I access services?

NIC Online services are available as long as you meet the criteria (Permanent Resident or Conventional Refugee). Since this is a client driven referral, you can contact us any time

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What is the fees for your service?

NIC Online services are provided free of cost to all eligible and registered clients.

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What does a Virtual Employment and Information Specialist do?

Employment Information Specialists are Subject Matter Experts who will guide and support your job search and help you with researching and finding resources near you. They do not secure employment for

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What services do you offer?

We provide Orientation, Information, and Referrals related to Employment and Settlement in Canada. “Knowledge is power” and together we are a powerful team! Here, you’ll learn about: Where to look

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NIC Online is coordinated by Achēv and funded by IRCC

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