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Can I find a job before landing in Canada?

Securing a job in Canada while living overseas can be a challenge because you are thousands of miles away and you cannot attend in-person interviews. Also, employers often want new hires to start working two weeks after they have accepted a job offer. It will be easier for you to secure a job when you

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Will you connect me with recruiters?

We host a panel discussion with recruiters on a quarterly basis. This discussion panel gives you the opportunity to gain some insights into what Canadian Employers are seeking when hiring. Most Guest Panelists are open to being contacted afterward so this is a great way to grow your professional network in Canada.

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Will you get me a job?

We provide the information and tools you’ll need to find a job that suits your expectations and needs. This means that we will help you with your marketing tools, provide guidance and resources for you to practice your interview skills, and also refer you to specialists who can work with you to help you further.

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Are you connected with Employers?

Yes, we are connected with employers, but we are NOT a Recruitment Agency.

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