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Labour Market

Are there any resources I can use to improve my English skills?

There are many options to improve your English language skills before you come to Canada. Welcome to Ontario provides some option you may want to consider. You can also talk to

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How long would it take me to get a job?

Getting a new job takes time. Job searches can last anywhere from two days to over a year. The Canadian average duration of unemployment-period reported by Statistics Canada in the

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Which city or cities have a prosperous labour market for my occupation?

Labour Market Information (LMI) is constantly changing. LMI sources include newspapers, the Job Bank Canada website, and Statistics Canada. You can also check this link:

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What is the minimum salary? Can I make a living on minimum wage?

The minimum salary varies from one province to another. In some of them,  this minimum wage increases yearly based on the average of the percentage change in the Consumer Price

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What should be my salary expectations for my occupation?

Salaries depend greatly on the labour market. If there’s a shortage of labour and a high demand for your occupation, you may ask for a higher salary. Some websites such

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