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Job Hunting in Summer

Posted by: NIC Online Date: July 19, 2019 Category: Blog Employment
Job hunting in summer

Summer is when the people who are already employed typically take extended vacations from one to two weeks (or longer). This means that it can require more time for employers to make a hiring decision for the jobs they post.

So how does this impact your job search?

Patience Is Needed

Knowing that decisions can get delayed might help you be a little more patient, for one thing. Be aware that even if an employer really needs someone right away, they may have to wait until their employees who are involved in the hiring process return from being away.

As a result, think twice about repeatedly contacting employers you’ve applied to, if all you want to know is if they’ve made a hiring decision yet. Certainly restate your interest if you don’t hear back from the employer after a reasonable period. But you don’t want to be viewed as a nuisance, or as someone who is frantic about getting a job.

Warm Weather Can Help Your Networking

During the summer months networking intensively can pay off. While it may be more difficult to get hold of people due to scheduling issues, when you do manage to connect with someone new they might be especially responsive this time of year. Some workplaces experience a bit of a slowdown in July and August. That’s why it may be easier to get someone who is normally super-busy to spend a little time with you if they are under less pressure. And the nice weather can work in your favour; it may give the people you network with an excuse to meet you for an ice-cold coffee or tea at an outdoor café.

More Good News For Job Hunters In Summer

Are there other potential upsides to seeking a job in the warmest of seasons?

Here’s one: the jobs that do get posted may be ones where there’s some urgency in filling the position. If a job isn’t very important employers might simply hold off until September to advertise it.

In addition, some of your competing job seekers - the people who might ordinarily apply for the very same positions as you - may not be searching as hard right now. They may have (wrongly) assumed that there’s no sense going full out if decision makers are out on vacation. So if you continue to apply for relevant jobs it could be that your resume will actually stand out more.

One more thing: summer is a great time to look for seasonal work. Amusement parks, lawn and pool care, warehouse work, outdoor camps, golf courses, vehicle service attendants and the like are adding and replacing staff continually.

Don’t Let Up

Keep searching for, and applying to, relevant jobs you see posted here at Take advantage of our new Precision Job Search (Job Search Beta) for the best results.

It may well end up that a number of employers need more time during summer to make a hiring decision. But if you’re the one who’s consistently replying to the jobs that match your experience and skills, you’ll be front and centre when employers are ready to start conducting interviews.


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