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Newcomer Questions: Do You Need a Survival Job?

Posted by: NIC Online Date: May 12, 2021 Category: Blog Employment Job Search
Need a Survival Job

Skilled newcomers have plenty of career opportunities in Canada. At the same time, many newcomers with international experience have difficulties finding jobs related to their desired field of training. It’s common to hear about stories of Doctors, Lawyers, and other skilled professionals who end up working in survival jobs after immigrating to Canada. Continue reading to learn more about survival jobs and how they can help skilled newcomers achieve career goals.

What is a Survival Job?

A survival job is defined as temporary employment taken to avoid being jobless. These jobs often do not require a lot of training and education. As a result, they pay less than the higher wages that skilled newcomers may be familiar with. At the end of the month, the pay may be just enough to help pay for bills and expenses.

Why Choose a Survival Job?

In the ideal situation, skilled newcomers will be able to continue their career of choice upon arriving in Canada. However, it takes time for international credentials to be assessed. Sometimes, professionals will need to return to school or complete a bridging program in order to find work in Canada. Survival jobs are available for those who need to support themselves while they are working towards an ideal career.

Furthermore, survival jobs allow newcomers to get some Canadian work experience. Many Canadian employers prefer to see local experience on applicant resumes. Having local experience on your resume suggests that you have the soft skills valued by Canadian employers. At the same time, if you think a survival job may reflect poorly on yourself, you may choose to exclude it from your resume. Speak to a counsellor if you would like further guidance.

Lastly, newcomers who are not comfortable with their language skills can benefit from working in a survival job. These jobs will provide a chance to practice speaking like a local and brushing up on English skills.  

Keep Sight of Your Long-Term Goals

Always remember that a survival job is temporary. Your long-term goal should be returning to your desired career. These jobs are helpful for positioning yourself in the future, but try to avoid being content. Working a survival job can take a lot of time and energy. As a result, some newcomers may gradually stop looking for opportunities that better fit their experience. Remember to keep pushing yourself to advance your career in Canada!  

NIC Online is here to help

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