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5 Things Newcomers Should Consider During a Summer Job Search

Posted by: NIC Online Date: May 5, 2022 Category: Blog
Online job searching during the summer.

Compared to the early months of the year, summer can be a bit more challenging for job seekers. Consider the following points when approaching your summer job search. Newcomers in Ontario are encouraged to access the free services provided by NIC Online to help land their dream job in Canada.

What kind of job are you looking for in Canada? Inform yourself by researching before you start the job search. Identify the required qualifications for your ideal occupation and determine if you need to upgrade your skills. Read job postings about your desired career and get familiar with what employers want in a successful candidate. Formulate a strategy to gain the required education or experience that makes you qualified.

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2. Update your resume

Regardless of the season, any serious job seeker should constantly be updating their resume. Add any new information or experience relevant to your job search. Newcomers without Canadian work experience may also consider volunteering within their desired career to gain experience and network with professionals in the industry. Review your resume often and find new ways to improve your document. Develop your resume so that it fits with Canadian formatting. Lastly, consider writing a personalized cover letter to accompany your job application.

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3. Jobs are Available During the Summer

Many importing hiring managers or decision-makers often leave for vacation during the summer months. However, this does not mean that companies are not looking to expand their team during the summer. While it’s true that a lot of hiring occurs during the first quarter due to new budgets, it is also possible for organizations to extend their hiring decisions to the middle of the year. Do not buy into the idea that there are no jobs available during this time of year. Stay motivated and continue sending out those job applications!

Keep in mind that companies are constantly hiring and looking for the best talent – no matter what season

4. Consider Short-Term Jobs

Keep in mind that more temporary or seasonal jobs can appear during the summer to help fill in for business needs or cover employees on vacation. These types of employment may not suit someone looking for full-time work. However, they are beneficial if you need additional income for a few months.

5. Networking in the Summer

The warmer months mean that more people are out and about! The summer season is full of activities and events that can lead to meaningful networking opportunities. Job seekers are encouraged to meet new people and expand their list of connections. Look out for events focused on professional networking in your local area or find virtual events held online.

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