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Unlocking the Hidden Job Market: 5 Tips to Success!

Posted by: NIC Online Date: March 15, 2019 Category: Blog

As a new Canadian, most of us are aware of the basic steps to finding a job- networking, customizing your resume, using social media, etc. But what if your dream job is never even posted?

The “hidden job market” is a term used to describe jobs that are unlisted and not advertised on traditional job boards. Nearly 80% of job vacancies are included in this category, and it is up to the jobseeker to actively seek these out. Here, we have compiled some tips that can help you get access to the hidden jobs and put you ahead of other candidates.

  • Join industry-related groups

Members often feel a sense of community and are therefore more open to sharing opportunities and knowledge with newcomers in the same field. To get started, also look at nearby meetups and advertised member meetings.

Once you are in the group, stay active by sharing relevant content and connecting with individuals. Even after landing a job, keep connecting with members as you never know where that can lead you.

  • Stay in touch with your network

You could be one click away from a friend who knows about a vacancy. Even if they aren’t in your field, make a genuine effort to connect with people, and not only when you need something. If you see something that might interest others, share with them, and build a mutual connection of trust.  If it’s been a while since you heard from someone, reach out and ask what they are up to these days.

  • Follow companies of interest

Check frequently the social media and online presence of companies you admire, as many times organizations skip posting job positions on public job boards or employment sites, and instead just post on their company sites/pages. Many companies also have internal referral incentives for employees, which helps them eliminate the costs of external recruitment.

  • Talk to insiders

Stay connected and follow experts in your field. Make an effort to talk with them and invite them to socialize, so that you may learn more about current trends. Such influencers generally have very good connections that you could potentially tap into. Be honest about your job search- most people can tell when you are buttering them up! Beware of not overdoing it, as this can backfire!

  • Become an influencer

It is not necessary to be a specialist in order to become an influencer. All you have to do is keep yourself updated, and then take the time to write a couple of articles, post relevant graphics, or share someone else’s content. This will help build your reputation to that of a trusted source, and it will also expand your network by attracting key executives to you.

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