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6 Settlement Tips for Canadian Newcomers

Posted by: NIC Online Date: March 28, 2023 Category: Blog
Newcomer family in Canada.

Settling in a country can be difficult for newcomers unfamiliar with their new surroundings. There are many things that newcomers should consider before or immediately after arrival to ensure that life in Canada will go as smoothly as possible. Are you considering a move to Canada? Continue reading for more settlement tips! 

Pre-Arrival Tips:

1. Determine your destination

Canada is a large country, so research the different cities and provinces offering unique lifestyles. Consider how the cost of living, public transportation, schooling, cultural events, and other factors can play a factor in determining where you choose to settle. Researching your preferred destination will help minimize any surprises!

2. Prepare a budget

Planning your finances is crucial for those planning to move to a new country. Upon arrival, newcomers will still need to search for a job. A good rule of thumb is to have enough savings to last three to six months. The specific number will depend on your desired province. It's also a good idea to start researching Canadian banks, as opening a bank account will be essential for managing finances. Many banks offer services for newcomers that offer low-fee or credit-building programs.

3. Brush up on your English or French

Canada has two official languages, English and French – communicating in either language will make your life more comfortable. If you are worried about communication issues, practice the language as much as possible before arrival. At the same time, don't be afraid of making mistakes, and continually work towards improving!

Post-Arrival Tips:

1. Apply for a Social Insurance Number

A social insurance number (SIN) is a national identification number issued by the Government of Canada. The SIN is required to work in Canada and receive certain government benefits. Applying for a SIN is free and can be done via Service Canada – in person, online, or via mail. Learn more about the Social Insurance Number by clicking here.

2. Apply for Health Insurance

Canada's healthcare system provides free healthcare for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. Newcomers will need a temporary health insurance plan. However, you may be eligible for free Health Care services in your province. The Canadian Association of Community Health Care Centres will have a list of centres in your area.  Click here for more information.

Canada’s public healthcare coverage can differ between provinces. It is always best that newcomers apply for a health card as soon as they become eligible. Learn more about health cards by clicking here.

3. Have Fun and Explore!

There are many things that newcomers need to consider before and after moving to Canada. However, remember to enjoy your new home! Socialize and meet your new neighbours, network with others in your desired professional field, or explore Canada's landscapes. Learning more about your new home will make your stay much more enjoyable!

Connect with Newcomer Services (such as NIC Online) for more help!

Newcomers to Ontario can sign up for free settlement and employment resources NIC Online provides. You can even speak with our expert counsellors to learn more about how to achieve your personal and career goals in Canada. Newcomers are encouraged to attend our webinars and networking events. We know you have many questions, and our team is here to help!

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