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Newcomer Success Story: Bola Adesope

Do you know you don’t necessarily need to do a survival job here in Canada before getting into your formal, dream career? Do you know you don’t have to start

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PrepCan Insiders: Survival Job-Is it right for you?

Dear NIC Online: I am finding it hard to make ends meet as a newcomer, and thinking of applying for survival jobs. Will doing a survival job hurt my career

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ATS and how to work with the resume bot

You have undoubtedly heard that you only have 6 seconds to grab the hiring manager’s attention. It is about to get worse. Research shows that nearly 40% of employers use

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How can I address career gaps on my resume?

Dear NIC Online: I’m moving to Canada soon, and I haven’t yet secured employment there. How can I address potential career gaps on my resume? Sincerely, Gappy Job Seeker Dear

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Answer the “What is your biggest weakness?” interview question

Written by Arcelia Camacho, PMP “What is your biggest weakness?” can seem like a tricky question in a job interview. After all, you have learned to put your best foot

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