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5 Tips for a Great Virtual Job Interview

Posted by: NIC Online Date: August 13, 2021 Category: Blog
5 Tips for a Great Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interviews are becoming increasingly common after the global pandemic. Both virtual and traditional in-person interviews aim to accomplish the same goal. However, it is beneficial to keep in mind some subtle differences that influence how you look through a computer monitor.

Keep reading to learn more about great tips that will give you the upper edge at your upcoming virtual job interview.  

1. Test your Tech! 

Virtual interviews rely heavily on your technology. You can ensure that your virtual interview goes smoothly by testing your equipment beforehand. We strongly recommend that you check the quality of your webcam, microphone, and speakers. Furthermore, ensure your internet connection is stable. Lastly, make sure you have the required software and updates. 

2. Position your webcam

Virtual interviews are slightly different from phone interviews. You want to look your best because the interviewer will be able to see you via video. Take some time to set up the positioning of your webcam. Prop up your webcam so that it is as close to eye level as possible. Check your background so that it is appropriate for an interview. We recommend that you remove any necessary distractions that may be behind you. In addition, avoid harsh lighting or being backlit by putting a light source in front of you. The easiest way to accomplish this is by placing your computer in front of a window and taking advantage of natural lighting.

3. Limit external distractions

You will most likely be conducting the virtual interview from home. However, your home isn’t always the best place to conduct an interview. Try your best to remove all external distractions that may detract from the overall interview experience. If possible, use a quiet space such as a home office or spare bedroom. Tell other people in your house about the interview and ask that they don’t interrupt. Lastly, remember to turn off any other sources of distraction like the televisions or your smartphone.

4. Treat virtual interviews like any other interview!

While virtual interviews can take place from the comfort of your own home, please remember to remain professional. Act as you would in an in-person workplace setting. Be friendly and maintain eye contact with the interviewers; smile and look directly into the webcam when answering questions. Lastly, dress how you would for any other interview.

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