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Workplace Communication for New Canadians

Posted by: NIC Online Date: September 24, 2021 Category: Blog
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Effective workplace communication is a tremendous skill for all employees. In fact, many employers believe that effective communication among employees is an essential factor for a company’s success. With that said, not everyone knows how to communicate in the workplace. Newcomers may also struggle with adapting to Canadian workplace communication. 

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Be Adaptable to the Canadian Culture 

While Canada is a welcoming country for newcomers, employers may expect newcomers to make an effort and adapt to Canadian methods of workplace communication. Newcomers may not understand the nuances of workplace communication immediately. Be open and try to integrate. Show your desire to learn, and your colleagues will also be more accommodating to you! 

Observe and Learn

The values from your home country may be different from Canadian values. Many employers encourage employees to be independent, creative, and able to take charge. In contrast, other cultures may expect employees to follow set methodologies and hierarchies. Try to observe how your coworkers behave. Consider how employees communicate among themselves and supervisors. Some workplaces may be formal, while others are more casual. 

Understand the Importance of Soft Skills

Some working cultures may place a heavy emphasis on the importance of hard skills. Hard skills refer to any technical skills or talents that can be measured and are usually specific to a particular job. While hard skills are valuable, Canadian employers are also looking for soft skills. Soft skills are universal skills that are difficult to measure. Some examples of soft skills include creativity, problem-solving, or networking. Both types of skills are valuable in the Canadian workforce. Your hard skills may help you get the job, but developing soft skills will help you advance in your career.

Ask Our Experts

Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of observing a workplace. Newcomers in Ontario who have questions about Canadian workplace culture can reach out to the experts at NIC Online. Receive free counselling and access to resources that will prepare you for the Canadian workforce.

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