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Canadian Resumes: How Different can they be from Mine?

Have you ever wondered how different your current resume might be compared to a Canadian one?  How many pages should it have? How much personal information should you include? How do you sell your skill set and experience for the role in question? Keep reading and get answers to these and other questions you might

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Three Ways Strategic Volunteering Elevates Your Career

No matter the type of job seeker you are, whether you have recently lost your job due to COVID-19, are employed yet bored and finding yourself seeking meaningful activities, returning to work after a long absence, intending on making a career change but unsure where to start, job searching may seem like an impossible endeavor. And

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How Virtual Teams Can Create Human Connections Despite Distance

In a recent Unify survey of knowledge workers, 79% of respondents reported working always or frequently in virtual teams, but only 44% found virtual communication as productive as face-to-face communication.  The vast majority connected via email, phone, or conference calls even though 72% said video would make teamwork easier.  Only 34% of people use video

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Covid-19 Economic Response Plan

The Government of Canada announced the first phase of its economic response plan on March 18, 2020. In the week that followed, the Government of Canada has made some changes and provided more details. This blog provides further information on some of the programs that might be useful to employers. Temporary Wage Subsidy The government

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Nonprofits on the front lines of COVID-19

Dear colleagues, Nonprofits are on the front lines of our communities- in good times, challenging times and times of community crisis. Dealing with a fast-moving virus-like COVID-19 is not and will not be an isolated incident. It is essential that our sector be prepared and lead by example. More than ever, it is important to

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